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Code Coupling with OASIS3-MCT
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OASIS3-MCT is a coupling library that can be used to exchange information between codes modelling the different components of the Earth System, for example the ocean and the atmosphere. In this training, consisting of a series of videos, you will learn how to use OASIS3-MCT to set up a coupled model exchanging coupling fields. This material is based on a SPOC (Short Private Online Course) developed in the framework of the ESiWACE CoE. It is fully valid for OASIS3-MCT_5.0 and previous versions. To gain full knowledge on how to build a coupled model with OASIS3-MCT, we strongly encourage you to follow the SPOC in addition to your visit to the current OER pages. For questions, please contact oasishelp@cerfacs.fr

Computer Science
Environmental Science
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Full Course
Friedelmeyer Stéphane
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