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Comprehensive OER Initiative Toolkit for Educators and Managers
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The Comprehensive OER Toolkit has been thoughtfully designed to empower educators and managers with the essential tools and guidance needed to effectively initiate, implement, and manage Open Educational Resources (OER) projects within their educational institutions. These resources have been carefully curated to facilitate a seamless workflow and streamline the processes associated with OER adoption.By offering this diverse array of resources, the Comprehensive OER Toolkit aims to equip educators and managers with a comprehensive suite of materials and templates to effectively manage the entire lifecycle of OER projects, from their inception to evaluation. Whether you are a novice or an experienced OER advocate, these resources can be customized and adapted to meet the specific needs of your institution, ultimately fostering a culture of open education and enhancing access to quality learning materials for all students.

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Full Course
Linda Neff
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The UNC System OER Implementation Collection
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The OER Implementation Collection is a companion to the UNC digital course enhancement collections. It was developed for faculty, instructors, and librarians in the UNC System by open educational resources (OER) experts from NC State University, East Carolina University, UNC Greensboro, UNC Charlotte, North Carolina A&T, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and UNC Chapel Hill.

The collection gathers reliable open resources and provides videos of presentations from authoritative speakers to answer the most frequent questions faculty ask about how and why to use OER in their courses. The OER Implementation Collection will provide a guide to finding and using OER for faculty and instructors who are interested in working with the UNC digital course enhancement collections and using other open educational resources in their teaching.

After using this collection, participants will:

Understand what OER are

Describe how OER benefit students and faculty

Find OER that are relevant for their courses

Determine quality and value of OER that they find

Adapt existing OER to fit their courses

Learn how to create their own OER

Higher Education
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Teaching/Learning Strategy
Enoch Park
Harvey D. Long
Jacqueline Solis
Jeanne Hoover
Melody Rood
Michelle Soler
William Cross
Sarah Falls
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