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ims-compliant zip file to upload to d2l (aka brightspace)
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I've converted the collection.xml file in the zipped version of OpenStax Chemistry v 12.1 https://cnx.org/exports/85abf193-2bd2-4908-8563-90b8a7ac8df6@12.1.zip/chemistry-12.1.zip to an imsmanifest.xml file so that one can import the whole book into D2L (Brightspace). Attached here is the imsmanifest.xml file alone. I don't know a lot about IMS compliance, but I think this imsmanifest.xml file could work for other LMSs as well. Please let me know if it does, or if you have other ways of importing the textbook to a LMS.

I have also "prettied up" the html files in the zipped version of OpenStax Chemistry v12.1 by:

- removing the path for the images,
- using <details></details> for objectives, summaries and solutions, and
- creating a .css file which takes advantage of the various environments defined in the .html file

That new zip file is attached.

Finally, I'm also attaching the perl script that I used to change the .html files, in case you want to make systemic changes to what I did or try something else.

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