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Avoiding Faculty Burnout With Self-Care
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This workshop targets full time and part time faculty, in order to teach self-care skills that aim to reduce stress and reduce the potential for burnout.This workshop will teach specific strategies that faculty members can use to increase wellness, maintain well-being, and retain a sense of emotional health.  These strategies can also be used in the classroom to enhance student well-being.  Faculty members who experience emotional rejuvenation can bring a renewed sense of energy into the classroom, in turn providing students with an enhanced educational experience.Participants in this course will read material from websites, view video clips, participate in online discussion boards, and develop a self-care plan.Participants in this workshop will be able to:·         Identify and describe the importance of faculty well-being;·         Describe the link between teacher health and student benefit;·         Describe well-being and various definitions of health;·         Discuss the key elements of well-being from these highly regarded authors on the topic:o   Martin Seligman -  Flourisho   Dan Beuttner - The Blue Zones·         Identify the warning signs of burnout·         Identify strategies for staying fresh on the job·         Understand the concept of nurturing/caring for the various aspects of the educator’s whole person·         Develop a personal care plan to address the seven selves, according to the whole person model Over a five week period, participants will spend 2 hours per week reading materials, participating in online discussions, and completing a self-care/wellness plan.

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