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Model of Embedded Tutoring in Math Classrooms
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Embedding Math Tutor in Classrooms
I have been embedding myself into Diesel and Electrical classes to help students get the connection between the math they learn in the math classes and the math they need in the classes of their degree. This is to help students at risk of failing the class get help sooner than later and also to make it easier for them to get help in their math classes. It also has proven to help bridge the gap between content/skills they learn in math classes and in their degree classes. I also try to help students as a mentor. I talk with them about interviews, professionalism, and things that will help them become more in demand as an employee for when they get their degree and are joining the work force. I also tutor almost every math class at MSUN. This works the best due to the fact that I am in the classes and they see me interacting with teachers and students in their degree. This makes them feel more comfortable asking for help and gaining a better understanding of both math and other concepts.

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