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  • NE.PE.HS.1.2.N - Designs and implements a nutrition plan to maintain an appropriate ene...
Are we consuming more calories than we are putting out? How is our calorie intake affecting obesity and how do you maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle?
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In this problem-based learning module, students will be asked to brainstorm ideas and think innovatively both independently and collaboratively in addressing a real-world problem that is relevant to their daily lives and  health.  Are students aware of their calorie intake and how it affects their overall health? Students will investigate the calories consumed in a typical day and how much physical activity is needed to stay healthy and fit.  Students/teams will be encouraged to use the internet for research purposes in their design phase. Students will utilize various online platforms to design an infographic that can be shared with relevant individuals in the community and others in the school building

English Language Arts
Health, Medicine and Nursing
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Lesson Plan
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