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  • WY.ELA-Literacy.W.6.2b - Develop the topic with relevant facts, definitions, concrete details, ...
Communicating Successfully in the Workplace: What It Takes
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What does it take to be successful in the workplace? This unit provides students with the opportunity to examine this question, evaluate what others say and form their own voice, and finally to express and share what they find. The materials are for the instructor and provide options to adapt to specfic students. learning needs,  and time frame.

English Language Arts
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Molly Berger
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Need for Speed
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In this lesson, students will design a model race car and use their model to investigate the relationship between the potential and kinetic energy of their model as it travels down a ramp. Students will also investigate how the acceleration of their model is affected by forces applied and the mass of their model. Students will be asked to identify variables that may affect the acceleration of their model and then design an investigation to test design modifications to reduce friction and air resistance. Students will collect data during their investigation and represent their data in graphs so that they can compare their data with that of their classmates. Students will communicate the results of their investigation and justify their final design choice based on the data they obtain in their investigation.

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