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  • Murphy-Judy, McRae
Le français au niveau intermédiaire
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Student-driven OER with Curations, Modules, Virtual Exchanges, and Collaborative Social Media

Short Description:
This e-textbook is a proficiency framed, communicative and task-based e-textbook for Intermediate French.

Long Description:
Built over six years by a team of VCU faculty and students, this French textbook is intentionally communicative in design. It targets French language learning that is moving from the novice high to the intermediate low/mid range of proficiency (NCSSFL-ACTFL) or from the A2 to the B1-B2 CEFR level. Given that this level of language acquisition involves mainly sentence level communications dealing with routine, everyday situations, the four units in this etextbook review and deepen skills and strategies across the three modes of communication, interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational as well as deepening intercultural competencies. The units progress through: presenting oneself and deepening one’s notions of bilingual, intersectional identity; engaging in written, oral, and mediated dialogues and exchanges on topics of personal interest; deepening knowledge of the perspectives, products and practices of one or more francophone cultures and comparing them to the home culture; and, finally, mapping one’s linguistic and cultural competencies onto the individual student’s future professional and personal vision of a potential future.

Word Count: 29663

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Murphy-Judy, McRae
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