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The Hobbit and Trashion

The Hobbit and Trashion


This resource was created by Katie Mace, in collaboration with Dawn DeTurk, Hannah Blomstedt, and Julie Albrecht, as part of ESU2's Integrating the Arts project. This project is a four year initiative focused on integrating arts into the core curriculum through teacher education, practice, and coaching.

Content Area:  English

Fine Arts Area: Visual Arts

Grade Level:  Gr. 8

Teacher:  Katie Mace


Standards and Alignment

Content Area Standard:

LA 8.1.6b: Analyze and explain the relationships between elements of literary text.

LA 8.1.6.o: Demonstrate an understanding of complex text using textual evidence via multiple mediums (e.g. artistic representation)

LA 8.3 Students will develop and apply appropriate speaking and listening skills and strategies to communicate for a variety of purposes.

Fine Arts Standard:

FA 8.2.1b Recognize personal voice and make stylistic choices to reflect personal identity. 

FA 8.2.1d Engage in the sensory experience and relate it to making expressive artwork. 

FA 8.2.2c Explore how the meaning of art can be affected by the presentation mode or venue.

Key Vocabulary:





Design Plan

Materials List:

Anything! Strong paper, old t-shirts or old-cloths that can be repurposed, tape, markers, paint, etc. Anything you may have on hand that is no longer useful.


Lesson Delivery


They are allowed to create a piece of fashion via Canva or Adobe Spark as well (we are remote learning at this time, so tools are not accessible in the classroom)


I have students create a "t-shirt" model out of paper for the novel The Hobbit. They have to create a catchy slogan and then I post their t-shirts up on the wall with price tags and call it the HobbitShop (like a SurfShop might do??). Since the kids are not in school, I initially said to create a cool slogan that could go on a t-shirt using Canva or Adobe Spark. After working on my ITA assignment, I decided to see if they'd be interesting in a Hobbit Trashion Show. So, we are going to try that next week. We'll see.


Directions to the project can be found under the “Visuals & Handouts” Section of the plan.


Assessment and Reflection

Content Assessment:

Rubric to assess their understanding of their “logo” or “saying” from the textbook. 

Arts Assessment:

Rubric to assess their visual art and presentation.

Student Reflection:

Students had to vocally express how they created their trashion along with the ups and downs of it. They also were given the opportunity to answer questions by teacher and classmates.

Teacher Reflection:

Teacher vocally expressed after the student’s presentation how they understood their visual art in connection with The Hobbit. In addition, the teacher asked questions if there was anything they felt the student was not communicating. 


Visuals and Handouts


Hobbit  Shop Trashion Show


Photographs are on the following page!