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With the adoption of the Common Core State Standards, The Next Generation Science Standards, and the C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards, many middle and high schools require their content teachers to teach writing within their discipline area, often resulting in role confusion, anxiety, and resistance.“Teaching writing” – the job of the ELA faculty - is confused with “Teaching How to Write like a Historian, a Scientist, a Mathematician . . .”  - the job of the content faculty. Because content faculty are not usually trained in composition pedagogy, they may avoid writing instruction or worse – actually damage young writers by offering misguided instruction in mechanics and grammar.Content faculty may be familiar with the writing conventions of their particular discipline. With raised awareness of their expertise and by identifying the rhetorical characteristics of their subject area, content faculty can learn instructional skills to support writing across the curriculum.As a K-12 informational resource, the librarian holds a key position to raise awareness, reduce role confusion, provide instructional references, and improve writing school-wide. This module prepares pre-service librarians to understand and provide information to rectify the confusion of writing instruction across the secondary curriculum.
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