Who Owns the Writing Instruction?

Actually, what does the Common Core say about who teaches writing?

For this assignment, examine various artifacts related to writing instruction and participate in a Discussion Forum.

At the end of this task, you will understand:

1.      All subject areas need to teach writing.

2.      ELA faculty has specific knowledge, skills, and responsibility for composition instruction.

3.      Each discipline has its own writing conventions.


Read and consider the resources below. Use the focus questions to guide your thinking about the resources. Jot down your bulleted thoughts in response to the focus questions.

1.      Look at the Common Core State Standards. Examine the Common Core State Standards for ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS for Writing (pp. 41 – 47) and Language (pp. 51 – 56.) Then examine the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects (pp. 63 – 66). View the documents side-by-side to compare.

Focus Question – What are the similarities in both sets of Standards? What do the ELA Standards contain that is different that the Standards for History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects? What are the implications for writing instruction in the different subject areas?

2.      Examine the Vallenti syllabus and table of contents in the Hacker and Summers (2016) textbook (pp. 2 – 3) for a typical course in freshmen composition. On the Amazon page, scroll down to read the author bios. Note - you do not need to purchase this text. 

Focus Question – What is the content of this course? How is composition an academic discipline unto itself?

3.      Look at the Next Generation Science Standards and the C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards. Notice the crosswalks between the CCSS Writing Standards.

Focus Question - What is the role of writing instruction in these Standards? What are these Standards asking of Science and Social Studies Teachers?

4.      In your school, find and read the same-grade curricula for ELA, Social Science/History, and Science.

Focus Question – Are there similarities in the content of the different curricula? If so, what are they? What would you say is the main difference?