Who Owns the Writing Instruction?

Discussion Forum: Considering Composition

At the end of this task, you will understand:

1. There are differences between the writing instruction curriculum for ELA teachers and subject-area teachers.

2. ELA teachers are required to provide instruction in composition - writing as the subject area in itself.

3. Subject-area teachers are required to provide instruction in the kind of writing particular to their discipline.

4. Content area teachers are not required to teach composition.

Consider the following:

How would you define the writing instruction required of an ELA teacher? How would you describe the writing instruction required of a content area teacher? What is the difference?

In two to three well-developed paragraphs using a collegial tone and any necessary education terminology, explain your thinking regarding writing instruction. Please cite the references from your reading in your response. Please post by ____________.

Read over your colleagues’ posts and respond authentically to at least two of your peers. Your response should be at least one paragraph (written in a collegial tone) and related to your colleague’s post. Use any necessary educational terminology. Include questions and/or comments expressing your interest/questions/viewpoint, etc. to raise the level of the conversation and add to the groups’ thinking. Please post your response by ____.