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This presentation is an introductory lesson on integration of crop-livestock systems in the United States. The lesson includes national Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Standards, objectives, and a student project. This lesson is intended to be inquiry-based, and as such only foundational information is presented. Students are expected to take the introductory information and find specific information needed to solve the problem posed at the beginning of the presentation. It is expected that at a minimum this lesson will take three 50-minute class periods and could take longer based on teacher preferences.
Middle School, High School
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2023 Nebraska Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Learning Standards:
AFNR.HS.12.6.d Describe sustainable agricultural practices and how they relate to conventional agricultural practices.
AFNR.HS.10.2.b Synthesize information, knowledge, and experience to generate original ideas and challenge assumptions in the workplace and community.
AFNR.HS.10.2.c Apply reason and logic to evaluate workplace and community situations from multiple perspectives.
AFNR.HS.15.2.d Identify production methods that are best suited to specific environmental conditions.
AFNR.HS.30.1.b Evaluate wildlife habitats to identify conservation and preservation practices for natural resources and approved practices in wildlife management.
AFNR.HS.30.2.b Summarize the impact of agriculture on natural resources through production practices, land characteristics, wildlife habitats, and ecosystems of Nebraska.




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