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    Education Standards

    Music Elements Meet Art Materials

    Music Elements Meet Art Materials


    This resource was created by Megan Reppert, in collaboration with Dawn DeTurk, Hannah Blomstedt, and Julie Albrecht, as part of ESU2's Integrating the Arts project. This project is a four year initiative focused on integrating arts into the core curriculum through teacher education, practice, and coaching.

    Arts Integration Lesson Plan


    Lesson Title:

    Content Area:  Music

    Fine Arts Area: Art

    Grade Level: K-2

    Teacher:  Ms. Engel


    Standards and Alignment

    Content Area Standard: FA 2.4.2.a  Recognize music elements, purpose, and context of selected pieces

    Fine Arts Standard: 

    2.2.1a Experiment and explore ideas and materials.

    Key Vocabulary: Whole note, Half note, Quarter note, and Quarter rest 


    Blending, layering, shadow

    Materials List:

    Colored pencils

    Drawing Paper


    Lesson Delivery


    Show students the techniques of using colored pencils and shading using video.

    Whole note - thicker sides with blending, create shade

    Half note - thicker sides with blending

    Quarter note - blending light to dark


    Review musical notes


    Students will apply the techniques of using colored pencils to create/blend musical notes.



    Assessment and Reflection

    Content Assessment:  Observe students to ensure they create the correct notes.

    Arts Assessment:  Observe students to see if they apply the correct blending/shading techniques using colored pencils

    Student Reflection:

    Teacher Reflection:


    Visuals and Handouts


    Premade notes sheet for younger students  (See below)



    *shade the thicker part of whole notes

    *mini visual arts lesson

    * 10/15 Art lesson with 2nd grade