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    This resource was created by Tessa Avery and Chris Swalley, in collaboration with Dawn DeTurk, Hannah Blomstedt, and Julie Albrecht, as part of ESU2's Integrating the Arts project. This project is a four year initiative focused on integrating arts into the core curriculum through teacher education, practice, and coaching.

    Arts Integration Lesson Plan


    Lesson Title: Quilts
    Content Area: MathFine Arts Area: Visual Arts
    Grade Level: 7-12Teacher: Avery/Swalley


    Standards and Alignment
    Content Area Standard:MA 7.3.3.a Solve real-world problems involving perimeter and area of composite shapes made from triangles, quadrilaterals and polygons.Fine Arts Standard:FA 8.2.1.d Investigate and apply relationships between elements of art and principles of design (glossary) to brainstorm visual possibilities (e.g., consider a variety of images and determine how line and value create emphasis in art)
    Key Vocabulary:LineShapeColorPerimeterAreaMaterials List:Sewing machineThreadFabricScissorsPinsTape measure/ruler


    Lesson Delivery
    Students will consider the lines they will be measuring around the shapes they will use to create their quilts. They will also consider the colors of the fabric they are using.Students will measure and find the perimeter and area of the shapes they use to put together the quilt, as well as the overall perimeter and area of the finished quilt.


    Assessment and Reflection
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