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Animal Facts: A Puppet Show

Animal Facts: A Puppet Show


This resource was created by Ross Renfro, in collaboration with Dawn DeTurk, Hannah Blomstedt, and Julie Albrecht, as part of ESU2's Integrating the Arts project. This project is a four year initiative focused on integrating arts into the core curriculum through teacher education, practice, and coaching.

Content Area: Science

Fine Arts Area:  Theater

Grade Level: 5

Teacher:  Mr. Renfro


Standards and Alignment

Content Area Standard:

Science -Gather and analyze data to communicate an understanding of the interdependent

relations in ecosystems.

Fine Arts Standard:

Theatre:  FA 5.5.2.c  Create characters, individually, appropriate to a specific location (environment).

Key Vocabulary:



Materials List:


Research material


Lesson Delivery

  • Students will conduct research about an animal of their choice and their ecosystem

  • Students will learn facts about their animal (e.g., habitat, diet, etc.)

  • Students will write a short script with facts about their chosen animal, written as that character.

  • Students will perform using the animal puppet that they researched, get into character and present the research as that animal/character.


Assessment and Reflection

Content Assessment:  10 facts about the animal.

Arts Assessment:  Checklist (Below)

Student Reflection:

Teacher Reflection:


Visuals and Handouts


Puppet Performance Checklist



Puppet Manipulation


Puppeteer always manipulated puppet so

the audience could see it.




Voice Projection


Voice of puppeteer was always audible to people sitting in the back row.






Performer stayed in character throughout the entire performance.





Puppet stayed visible to the audience, did not block other performers and movement was specific to the character.






Puppeteer’s voice expressed a lot of expression and emotion.




Accuracy of Story


All important parts of story (10 facts) were included and were accurate.