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    Educators Using OER to Identify and Remediate Bias

    Educators Using OER to Identify and Remediate Bias


    On May 25, 2023, #GoOpen held a public webinar titled, "Educators Using OER to Identify and Remediate Bias."  This session focused on using OER to engage all learners through an interactive Climate Education experience and was facilitated by ISKME professional learning specialist, Joanna Schimizzi, and consultant, Christina Spears, with moderator, Amee Evans Godwin.

    Webinar Resources

    On Thursday, May 25, 2023, the #GoOpen National Network hosted the professional learning webinar titled "Educators Using OER to Identify and Remediate Bias" featuring:

    • Joanna Schimizzi, Professional Learning Specialist, ISKME
    • Christina Spears, Facilitation and Design Consultant, ISKME
    • Amee Evans Godwin, Senior Advisor, ISKME

    This session drew from ISKME’s professional learning workshops and academies that focus on engaging educators and leaders on the ground in analyzing resources for bias and identifying areas that can be adapted to include more localized experiences.

    Links to the slides and recording of the webinar are below: