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This is a unit plan covering the history of the surgery. It is designed to take about 35 days (50-minute class periods). This unit is based on the book, The Butchering Art: Joseph Lister’s Quest to Transform the Grisly World of Victorian Medicine by Lindsey Fitzharris. For each of the chapters, vocab activities, pre-reading activities, and reflection questions have been created. A final project is included at the end of the unit. To grade this unit, the book is chunked into Portfolios (Prologue to Chapter 4, Chapters 5-8, Chapter 9 to Epilogue), which are designed to be the formative grades. Each of these Portfolios has a Portfolio Checksheet, which is a list of assignments that must be turned in for that unit. The Portfolios can be returned to the students and used on the final project. The final project is the summative grade for the unit. Quizzes could be added to this unit to increase the number of summative grades. To make this unit easier to facilitate, I would suggest purchasing the Audio Book, along with the hardcopies to help read to the class.
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Audrey Foster on Jun 13, 10:42pm

2023 - 2024 Nebraska High School Standards
HS.HS.6.1.a - Identify the history of health care.
HS.HS.6.1.b - Identify current trends in healthcare and how they impact healthcare and society.
HS.HS.6.1.d - Describe healthcare careers.
HS.HS.6.2.b - Describe ethical practices with respect to cultural, social, and ethnic differences within the healthcare environment.
HS.HS.6.3.a - Identify personal traits and attitudes desirable in a member of a healthcare team.
HS.HS.6.3.b - Identify common barriers to communication between healthcare professionals and patients.




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