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World History
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Upper Primary, Middle School
  • Agricultural Revolution
  • BCE/CE Timelines
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    6th Grade Social Studies: Foundations of Human Civilization

    6th Grade Social Studies: Foundations of Human Civilization


    This resource will teach students about the cause and effect of factors that lead to the Agricultural Revolution. Students will learn about BCE/CE timelines with a timeline worksheet. Includes assessment about early humans and the Agricultural Revolution. 

    Foundations of Human Civilization: c. 10,000-3500 BCE

    Tennessee 6th Grade Social Studies Standards

    Foundations of Human Civilization: c. 10,000-3500 BCE

    6.03 Explain the impact of the Agricultural Revolution, including:

    • Barter economy

    • Food surpluses

    • Domestication of plants and animals

    • Labor specialization

    • Emergence of permanent

    • New sources of clothing and shelter

    6.04 Identify and explain the importance of the following key characteristics of civilizations:

    • Culture

    • Stable food supply

    • Government

    • Technology

    • Religion

    • Writing

    Social Studies Practice

    SSP.04 Construct and communicate arguments citing supporting evidence to:

    ● Demonstrate and defend an understanding of ideas

    ● Compare and contrast viewpoints

    ● Illustrate cause and effect

    ● Predict likely outcomes

    ● Devise new outcomes or solutions

    Students will examine a number of resources related to the Foundations of Human Civilisations circa 10,000-3,500 BCE. After reviewing the resources, students will identify the significant events leading to the formation of agricultural societies during the Agricultural Revolution. 

    To gain an understanding of how to read BCE/CE timelines, students will complete the supplemental worksheet. 

    After viewing the video and resources, Students will answer questions about the Agricultural Revolution and record their findings on Ideas & Details worksheet. 

    How did the societal changes during the Agricultural Revolution contribute to the formation of civilizations?

    What factors were important in leading to these societal changes?

    What are the differences between hunter-gatherer societies and agricultural societies?

    Students will use their Ideas and Details to organize their findings and assist them in the 20 question quiz.