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    6 Word Memoirs

    6 Word Memoirs


    This unit explores the memoir and writing memoirs using only six words. 

    Six Word Memoir Unit

    Overview-- Today you will be learning the meaning of the word memoir, exploring other memoirs written by teens, and writing your own memoir,  

    There are activities, videos, and reading material to complete along the way, so be sure to check each added resource. 




    This Powerpoint introduces you to the concept of what a "memoir" is and I have modeled some of my own to demonstrate that in only 6 words, you learn a lot about a person.  Be prepared to answer the questions together as we get to then on the slides.


    As you view the video, "Six Word Memoirs by Teens," think about which one stood out to  you and think about why.  Did it have strong words, did it pull on some emotional strings, did it realate to you?

    Reading Material

    As you get ready to write your own 6 word memoir, refresh your writing knowledge on the difference between first person and 3rd person.  Remember the memoir you are going to write will need to be in 1st person. 

    Examples of 6 Word Memoirs

    Check out these examples of six word memoirs.  See which ones stand out to you.    

    Six Word Memoir Practice

    On this pdf file, you will practice your 6 word memoir writing.