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    Filling a Syringe

    Filling a Syringe


    In this lesson, students will watch a video/teacher demonstration on how to properly fill a syringe.  The students will mime the procedure while the teacher reviews the procedures.  Students will also practice with a syringe, needle, and sterile water bottle.  Once the students are comfortable with the procedures, they will make a recording of their demonstration to be submitted for grading.

    NE.AFNR.HS.28.5.b or NE.AFNR.HS.29.5.b

    Filling a Syringe

    This is lesson two in the disease unit:

    Lesson One Illness & Diseases in Animals

    Lesson Three Giving Injections

    In this lesson, students will use a MacBook with Photo Booth to video their demonstrations and then upload them to Schoology to submit for grading.  This could be down a variety of devices and programs and could be submitted for grading in varying learning management systems.  ELT, extended learning time, is the thirty minutes before and/or after school.

    Challenge Question: Can you demonstrate how to administrate subcutaneous and intramuscular injections? 

    Learning Objectives: Students will demonstrate how to properly fill a syringe.

    Interest Approach:  Show students images of two steaks and ask them to identify the steak they prefer.

    Included Documents: PowerPoint or Google Slides with teacher's notes and lesson plan.  At the end of the Lesson plan are a list of steps and a grading rubric, adapted from  Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences FFA Veterinary Science: Practicum Rubrics @

    Supplies Needed:

    • Computer
    • Google Slides – includes video link and rubric for demonstration (Or Page in Schoology)
    • Student notebooks
    • 10 cc plastic syringes x 5
    • Sterilized Water Vaccination bottle
    • alcohol swabs
    • 16 gauge needles
    • nitrile gloves
    • safety glasses

    Key Terms: syringe, needle, needle cap, rubber stopper on vaccine bottle

    Image Credit: CC or Bing Stock Images