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DISSENT BY DESIGN is a book that was produced during 2022-2023 in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.  It was on this date that I began a social media campaign on LinkedIn that directly addressed the invasion of a Sovereign country by a rogue super power. As a Graphic Designer I felt it was my obligation to do all I can to bring attention to this atrocity and bring the narrative to the forefront of the conversation so that we help end this conflict in all theways we can.  This book is a call to action, in the form of 'social media' posts throughout a one year period of time in our collective past, it is a documentation in chronological order of what happened, when and who was to blame and how many sufferred.   FInally, this book illustrates how Graphic Designers can use their knowledge as storytellers to forward a conversation about the most important things in our lives and how to preserve them.  We can be a vehicle of change and/or social engagement, to help people understand all the complex problems we face and to begin the process of solving those problems.  This is a way forus to bring past narratives to light once again, to rejoin the conversations that have been lost, and to further discuss and provide solutions through dialogue and change.
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Brian Higgins on Sep 15, 01:28pm

This book is available for reprint under certain parameters, all photos that are present on this website are watermarked for security, however for printing non-watermarked images are available upon request. This too is a course of study that should cover 2-4 semesters of critical thinking around one subject matter to help Graphic Designers to project a fluent, researched and meaningful voice that pertains to any popular narrative of our times, that can influence and provide great substance to a subject matter that is ideal for social interaction. Design for Social Engagement or what I like to call; THE HISTORY OF NOW. Brian Higgins, MFA



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