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 My See-Say Basic English Fluency Program offers a fun and efficient way to teach basic English.  It uses picture cards (not text), so it is ideal for students who are not literate in any language. I find that it is a great way for any student to learn English.  The teacher speaks a simple sentence while showing it as a sequence of picture cards.  The cards represent the exact grammar of the sentence.  As the teacher changes a card or two, students learn to speak the corresponding “change” they see in the sentence, for example, “I see a ball.”  “She sees a ball.”  “She sees a car.”  “They see a car.”  Suggestions for different types of partner-practice, songs, games and other activities are included in each session.All the materials (teacher cards, student cars, teacher's manual, orkbook, etc are available to anyone who would like to use them (see link below) By following the sequence of lessons in the manual, teachers introduce new cards (new grammatical elements) in a logical progression, so that students are soon able to speak simply, but correctly, using adjectives, adverbs, questions, different tenses, and so on.All materials (manual, workbook, card-masters to print, digital card images) are FREE and available on the internet. This project has NO commercial motive.This method can be used in the most rudimentary learning environment (e.g. a refugee camp) but is easily adaptable to technologically-enabled classrooms.The manual guides a teacher through a complete, self-contained core curriculum for basic English. However it can also be used to supplement any other basic English core curriculum.Access all materials by clicking on or cutting and pasting this link into your browser:
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