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This week we will read about poetry and read & discuss some great poems. Now for those of you who may be groaning and saying you don't like poetry and that it's too difficult, I’d like to say this:  Poetry deals with intense emotions and deep ideas. A poet tries to make the reader feel something, so they do not TELL us explicitly what their point is. They SHOW us through imagery: sights, sounds, smells, touch so that we can SEE/FEEL what they mean. If you want someone to say something directly, read the newspaper ;)Poetry is song. It requires us to use our imagination. Try to appreciate the imaginative leaps poets make when they use metaphors and similes to compare one thing to another so that we can see what they are showing us. Tune into the music of the lines. Appreciate their brevity. It's pretty amazing how much a poet can say in such a small space. Then after reading some great poems, you will journal about them. Next, check out the links on the Research Paper. The Guidelines give you detailed information on this assignment.  In a nutshell though, you will pick ONE poem from the list in the guidelines to write about. You can check out the links provided to learn about your poet and the time period in which they were writing. There's a link to Poetry Foundation and Just type in the name of your poet. You will NOT be writing a biography, but sometimes you can see more in the poem if you have the context of the poem. Make some notes as you go. Next week you will begin writing about your research paper poem.
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