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This is the week you “put it all together” and begin outlining and drafting your research paper. You will use the biographical information you gathered on your poet, the 3rd Essay that you wrote from the Writing in the Zones exercise, and your research from the library database (literary criticism on your chosen poem). Remember “Bird by Bird” and give yourself permission to write a $#iTty! first draft. Use the writing process to write down your ideas. Once you have ideas in front of you then you can make revisions.Sometimes it is helpful to look at a sample so you have a clear idea of how all of these parts come together. I have posted a sample research paper. Check out the thesis, the way the student incorporates sources of biographical information, historical information as well as literary criticism (indicated by citations). Don’t forget to also quote from your poem to show what lines you are looking at in your analysis!!To help you with writing this paper there are two worksheets: 1/the research worksheet that you can print off and use for each literary criticism source. This worksheet will help you build paragraphs as you analyze what scholars are saying about this poem. 2/the outline worksheet will help you organize your ideas.Once you have a rough outline (it can be bullets) and a rough draft and a works cited page, you will submit these parts, in that order and in one word document.  Be sure to check out the link Owl.English.Purdue for how to create complete citations for a works cited page. (You can cut and paste these citations from the databases…check out the toolbars on the side of the databases that indicate citations and choose MLA).You will also sign up for next week’s conferences where I will meet with you to go over your research paper outline/draft/works cited page. This is an informal chat and is meant to be helpful. If your paper is missing anything or veering off course, I can help you get on track. I can also answer any questions you may have.
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Andrea Carl
on Jun 01, 03:11pm Evaluation

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Since this is a culminating "module" that clearly comes at the end of a larger module, I would expect to have seen rubrics for the writing assignment.

Andrea Carl
on Jun 01, 03:11pm Evaluation

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Students must engage in critical thinking and writing in order to complete this module. In fact, they must synthesize what they have done previously into this module.


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