Mary Crosby
Literature, Composition and Rhetoric
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Community College / Lower Division
  • Literary Elements
  • Writing Process
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    Week 15 - Reflection - WRT201 Crosby

    Week 15 - Reflection - WRT201 Crosby


    You have made it to the top of the mountain and from here you should have a clear view of the distance you have traveled this semester. We began with the writing process and analyzing literature. Then we worked on making a claim about a work of literature and using textual evidence to support that claim. We've practiced formatting, framing & citing quotes and developing ideas. Then you progressed to analyzing and incorporating the ideas of others, through research, into the more sophisticated argument you were making about a poem. This week you will reflect on that writing.

    You will read a poem by Billy Collins, "Writing in the Afterlife" (he has a dry sense of humor. Consider the title as you are reading), and you'll read "3 of 16 Drafts of Elizabeth Bishop's 'One Art.'" This second reading shows you the process of a very famous villanelle, a 19 line poem that follows a specific rhyme scheme. At the end of the reading you can read Bishop's final revised poem. It is interesting to see the drafts of how this poem came into being. (See, even pro's write many drafts!)

    After you check out the readings, you can write your final journal and reflect on your writing this semester. Have you learned/tried/realized anything new about your writing? What worked/didn't work? What strategies will you will use for other writing assignments in other classes going forward?

    I hope you enjoyed the stories and poems we read this semester. Best of luck to everyone, in your studies and in life.

    WRT201 - Reflection - Week 15 - Assignments

    Reflections on Writing

    After reading the poems by Bishop and Collins in this week's unit, what insights do they offer about writing? About revision?


    Consider what obstacles you face when you sit down to write or try to revise something. What have you learned about writing that you will utilize going forward?




    Discuss what you learned about writing by doing a presentation. How was it similar to writing an essay? What was your process, your goals for doing the presentation? Could you use anything you learned from making a digital presentation that you could bring to the essay writing experience.