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The third grade class will need to write an essay and a trifold persuading the students and the teacher to adopt a class pet. The students will need to use the computer to reasearch good reasosn why their pet would be beneficial to the classroom. Their trifold will have pictures and information about their pet. IDOE standard 3.W.3.1 will be taught with this lesson. It states that 3rd grade students need to be able to write a persuasive texts. Another standard from IDOE is 3.SL.4.2. This students need to be to present their persuasive essay orally to the class. Part 1:  Driving question: Should the third grade class adopt a class pet? Part 2: GrabberWhat is your grabber?While the students are writing, a dog walks into the classroom. I’ll say. “How did you get in here?” I’ll attempt to get the dog and take him out of the classroom. Then I’ll show the students a video about the good and bad reasons about having a pet in the classroom. I won’t show the whole video, just the first 3 or 4 minutes. Then the students will be presented with the project. Culminating activities: The students will need to conduct research on the computer about the animal they want to choose or an animal that would not be a good choice for the classroom. They will need to print out pictures of the animal and write down facts about it for the trifold. They will write their essay with some information from the internet. They will write information and glue pictures in the trifold. Lastly, they will present it to the class by reading the essay and sharing the trifold.
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