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 Article Summary Grade Level: 11- 12Subject: Advanced Life Science AnimalsDuration: 60 minutesDOK Level: 3SAMR Level: Augmentation Indiana Standard: ALSA-6.1 Acquire and demonstrate communication skills such as writing, public speaking, and listening while refining oral, written, and verbal skillsDescription: The students will use their critical thinking skills to analyze current research happening in the agricultural industry.  Objective: The students will select an article from the online AgResearch Magazine ( ) Essential Question: Why is research important?Procedure: Ask the students to answer the following questions in their journals: Why is research important? Why is sharing research important? Have a class discussion on the importance of sharing research and the importance of standard research practices.Explain the project sheet Agriculture Research Article Review Provide the project sheet through goolge classroomRead one article together as a class.Demonstrate how to fill out the project sheet.Make sure students understand how to properly cite the article Product or Assessment:  The completed project sheet which includes an article citation, article summary, and student opinion on research.
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