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Grade Level: 8th-9thSubject: Introduction to Agricultural, Food, and Natural ResourcesDuration: 50 minutesDOK Level: 2-3SAMR Level: SubstitutionIndiana Standard: IAFNR-3.1 Explain the nature of and become familiar with those terms related to an SAE programIAFNR-3.2 Explore the numerous possibilities for an SAE program which a student might develop Objective: Students will be able to correctly identify the major types of SAEs with 100% accuracy. Students will be able to identify five possible SAE available to them.Essential Question: What is an SAE?Procedure: Start the google slide presentation What is an SAE?Stop at slide 7 and show the video SAE Experience itBreak the students into groups and have them brainstorm types of SAEGo over examples as a classResume the slide presentationIn groups have the students create a list of 10 benefits of an SAEHave the groups share their top three benefitsExplain the their assignment given through google classroomProduct or Assessment: The students will develop a list of 10 possible SAE that they personal could do. They are to choose one SAE and write a paragraph describing it. The last part of the assignment is for them to create three goals for their SAE to be completed by the end of the semester.
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