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 FFA Creed Grade Level: 8th-9thSubject: Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural ResourcesDuration: 150 minutesDOK Level: 4SAMR Level: Redefinition Indiana Standard: IAFNR-2.1 Acquire and demonstrate communication skills such as writing, public speaking, and listening while refining oral, written, and verbal skills IAFNR-2.2 Recognize and explain the role of the FFA in the development of leadership, education, employability, communications and human relations skills Objective: Essential Question: What is the importance of the FFA Creed?Procedure: Have the students create a statement about themselves that they feel strongly about.Have a class conversation on the purpose of a creedHave the students watch the video 85 Years of the FFA CreedAssign the FFA Creed as a Closed ReadGive the FFA Creed Closed Read through google classroomExplain the following directions for the closed read:Read the FFA creed 2-3 times. When you read it the first time, try to get a general sense of what E.M. Tiffany is trying to say and be ready to share Tiffany's 5 most important points.During the second read, pay close attention to the words and language used by Tiffany. Why did he choose to write this in the way that he did? Pay attention to words that stand out to you (highlight them) and be ready to analyze why they stand out. During your final read, connect the Creed to your own personal experiences and perspective on life. Pay special attention to the messages in this Creed that resonate with you and be ready to share why they stand out.7. Divide the class into groups of three. Have them answer the following questionsWhy do you think that E.M. Tiffany wrote the FFA Creed? What was he trying to accomplish? Underline the 3 most important lines of the FFA Creed and provide evidence for why you think these are the most important. What words and writing styles does E.M. Tiffany use to make the Creed more effective? Circle any words or phrases that are particularly impactful to you. The FFA Creed has language that is sometimes hard to grasp on the first try. How would the delivery of the message of the FFA Creed change if more common language and writing styles were used? In what ways does the Creed affect you? Is there a message in particular that you think is especially valuable? In your opinion, is there anything ineffective about the FFA Creed?8. Have the students create an artifact that will help them memorize the creed. The artifact will be turned in through google classroomProduct or Assessment: The students will be graded on their artifact and their ability to recite the creed. Credit: C. Kohn, Waterford Union High School,
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