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 Cells Grade Level: 10th-12thSubject: ALS AnimalsDuration: 100 minutesDOK Level: 3SAMR Level: RedefinitionIndiana Standard: ALSA-2.10 Compare and contrast animal, plant, and bacterial cells at the biological and chemical levels.Objective: Students will be able to compare and contrast animal, plant, and bacterial cells with 95% accuracy.Essential Question: What are the shared components of cellsProcedure: Ask the students what is the basis of all life?Show them the video Cells Cells - Parts of the Cell RapHand out the plant and animal cell worksheets through google classroomHave the students use the following animation CELLS alive! Interactive Animal and Plant Cells  to fill out the worksheetsGroup student into pairsExplain that they will be creating a model that compares plant and animal cellsHandout the Cell Model Sheet through google classroomHave the students create a brainstorming sheetProvide one class period for the students to build and fill out the cell model sheet based on their modelsHave the students complete the memory activity Product or Assessment: The students will be assessed on the cell model sheet Credits:Cells Alive Website, 
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