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 Corn Lab Grade Level:8th - 9thSubject: Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural ResourcesDuration: 50 minutesDOK Level: 2SAMR Level: Substitution  Indiana Standard: IAFNR-3.2 Explore the numerous possibilities for an SAE program which a student might developIAFNR-2.2 Recognize and explain the role of the FFA in the development of leadership, education, employability, communications and human relations skillsObjective: Students will complete a lab and record the results in their SAE record book with 100% accuracy. Essential Question: Can you make two different products out of the same ingredients?Procedure: Ask the students to list all the products made out of corn.Have the students get out their research notebooksPut students into groups of threeHand out the corn lab through google classroomHave the students follow normal lab procedures and complete the labMake sure to check that the pre lab has been completed before the student proceed to the labHave the students answer the lab questions in their research notebooksHave the students record the lab in their SAE record booksHave each individual student brainstorm a list of lab extensions to do next week.Product or Assessment: The students will be assessed on the lab questions answers in their research notebooks.
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