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 Animal Welfare vs Animal Rights Debate Grade Level: 9th-12thSubject: Animal ScienceDuration: 5 daysDOK Level:  4SAMR Level: Substitution Indiana Standard: AS-7.4 Explain the implications of animal welfare and animal rightsObjective: Given a debated livestock issue related to animal welfare, students will be able to understand both sides of the issue, and effectively persuade others in making a decision about the issue.Procedure: Have the students compare and contrast the terms “animal welfare” and “animal rights”.Have a class discussion on the impact of the differencesGroup the class into partnersHave them research and make a list of five animal right issues related to the agricultural industryHave a class discussion on the topics researched. As a class narrow down the list.Have each pair pull a topic and side out of a hat.Explain the Debate Project expectations and grading rubric.Allow class time for research.Have the students submit a list of statements and supporting facts after day 2.Have the students submit a rough draft of their opening and closing statements after day 3. Debates will be done on day 5Product or Assessment: Students will be graded on their submitted facts and rough draft. The rubric will be used to grade the debate on the given day.Credits: Renee Wangler, Agriscience Instructor - Newaygo County Career-Tech Center 
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Upcoming 2023 Nebraska AFNR Standards alignment:
AFNR.HS.13.2.d Explain the implications of animal welfare and animal rights for animal systems and distinguish between animal production practices (e.g., handling procedures, tools, facilities) that promote animal welfare and those that do not.




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