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In order to be a good manager of people, the ability to pass ideas across and to build long-lasting relationships where there is mutual respect is sacrosanct. Being able to lead effectively enables one to be able to garner support for initiatives, this in the long run guarantees success. Self-Management in Leadership (Handbook) will help you sharpen your ability to communicate effectively, gain support and cooperation from others and boost your reputation. You will get practical advice on how to develop an attitude of leadership such that you would become a force to be reckoned with among your colleagues and a favourite among senior managers. You will further learn how to present your ideas successfully in a most persuasive way. This book will teach you effectively leadership, interpersonal and public relations. It contains short and useful tips to enable you have as many key information as you can on your finger tips. Sit back and relax as you digest the essential principles for effective leadership and become more equipped for success in just a few minutes.
Communication, Management, Public Relations, Speaking and Listening, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology
Community College / Lower Division, College / Upper Division, Graduate / Professional, Career / Technical, Adult Education
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Paul Szwed on May 23, 11:44am

It appears there is a licensing mismatch on this document. It is registered as having a CC license on the OER Commons, yet the first page of the handbook states it has an all rights reserved copyright and cannot be freely distributed - which would make it non-open.


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