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Literature, Reading Literature
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High School
  • Analysis
  • Iowa K-12 E-Curriculum
  • Literary Elements
  • Short Story
  • Textual Analysis
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    Text Evidence for Analysis

    Text Evidence for Analysis


    Whether freshmen or AP seniors, students often forget to back up their statements about texts with evidence for support or to begin with the text when considering answers to literary questions.  The more we ask them to provide textual evidence in discussion, analysis activities, essays, and on tests, the more ingrained this important skill will become.  This lesson was designed for freshmen at the beginning of the year as they begin analyzing literature.  The handout and question refer specifically to the story "Poison" by Roald Dahl, but feel free to remix the lesson to work with another text, older students or nonfiction.

    Literary Elements in "Poison"

    The directions and the handout specifically refer to the story "Poison" by Roald Dahl.

    Read the story "Poison" by Roald Dahl.

    Once you have read the entire story, click here to open a Google Doc.  It will prompt you to make a copy.  Use the story to answer the questions.  Remember to put quotation marks around the passages you copy and include the page number for each passage.