Figurative Language: Hyperbole/Exaggeration/Adage/Proverb


The activity below will give you a chance to build on one another’s thoughts in order to show your understanding of exaggerations and hyperboles; moving from a basic exaggeration to making it more hyperbolic.

Play Hyperbole Brag Battle

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This game will be guided by a facilitator either through online discussions, paper/pencil, and/or verbally.  However, this activity can be done independently as well.  See directions below.

This game involves taking a claim and making it increasingly hyperbolic. Blagging is the act of convincing someone to do something, or to believe something, even when the truth is there's little reason for them to do so.

To play this game:

  1. Find a partner

  2. You and your partner will be given a simple claim to make, such as, 'You're a better swordsman than your partner.' The partners must go back and forth, making each of their claims to be the better swordsman increasingly outlandish.

  3. After a few rounds, one might say, “ I’m so better than you, you are not even close.” The other might reply, “I am such a better swordsman, I could defeat you with a toothpick.”

  4. The rounds can be timed for competitive purposes.

Here are some basic claims your facilitator may start with.

  • My mom knows everything about computers.

  • This math lesson is taking forever.

  • I've listened to this song a million times.

  • Can you wait a second please?

  • My teacher gave me a ton of homework today.

  • I have a list as long as my arm.

*Note:  If you are completing this activity independently, simply choose a claim of interest and complete the “Round” Chart of  claims.