Figurative Language: Hyperbole/Exaggeration/Adage/Proverb



Real-life Connection Activity - Five Parts (I, II, III, IV, and V)

Part I- Create a title slide with your name on it.

Part II - Adage/Proverb Definition Slide

Part III - Choose three adages/proverbs from the list of cards on this link (attributed by boggle).  

Then, on Google Slides create a slideshare including:

  • Two slides per adage/proverb (total of 6 slides)

  • First slide must include the adage/proverb, its meaning, and an image to accompany it.  The second slide  should contain a  short summary of how the adage/proverb has applied or connected to your life (personal experience, a movie or book you have watched or read, a friend experience, etc.).

Part IV - Hyperbole/Exaggeration Definition Slide

Part V -  Research and/or use three examples of basic exaggerations you heard or saw in this seminar which relate to your life in some way.

Then, as a continuation on Google Slides:

  • One slide per exaggeration/hyperbole (total of 3 slides)

  • Each slide must contain a basic exaggeration sentence.  Then, formulate the sentence to a more hyperbolic sentence , and then an even more hyperbolic sentence (basic, hyperbolic, and more hyperbolic -3 phases).  Each “phase” sentence must include an image to accompany it, showing how the original/basic exaggeration becomes more and more outlandish.