Gallery Problems Exercise

Burning Candles

Work Time

Burning Candles

Part 1

  1. Watch the video. Compare and contrast how the candle in the video burns compared to a candle in real life. How do you think this video was made?
  2. Create a graph that shows what happened to the height of the blue candle over time. (Height of the candle means height of the top of the candle.)
  • Represent time on the horizontal axis and height on the vertical axis.
  • To make your graph, first use the given information to calculate the candle height at different times. Then make a two-column table with time in one column and candle height in another column. Use your table to help create your graph.


Part 2

Before the candle on the right starts burning, it has a height of 120 mm. Its burning time is 75 hours and it burns at a constant rate

  1. Draw a graph that shows what happens to the height of the candle on the right over time.
  2. Use the graph to find the height of the candle after 30 hours of burning.
  3. If you graphed the height of each of the candles in the picture as the candle burned, do you think all of the graphs would be straight lines? Why or why not? VIDEO: Time-Lapse Birthday Candles