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More Directions

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More Directions

Your friend Doug gave you directions for how to bike to his house from his favorite ice cream shop in town. You are not sure which ice cream shop he meant.

Doug’s house is at the corner of H Street and 9th Avenue.

Here are the directions Doug gave you:

  • Bike straight for 4 blocks and turn left.
  • Bike straight for 5 blocks and turn left again.
  • Bike straight for 3 blocks and you are at my house.
  1. How can you use a street map to help you figure out where his favorite ice cream shop is?
  2. Draw a street map showing the streets from 1st through 17th Avenue, and A through M Street.
  3. Add the following features to your map.
    • A river runs between 4th and 5th Avenue.
    • There are two bridges for getting across the river, one at C Street and one at K Street.
    • City Park is "L"-shaped and has corners at 7th and G, 7th and D, 16th and D, 16th and I, 11th and I, and 11th and G. You are not allowed to bike across City Park.
  4. Where is Doug’s favorite ice cream shop located? Show all possible locations and the possible paths you will take to Doug’s house on the map.