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You would have to simulate a scenario where they have graduated and are preparing themselves for the workforce.They will be reflecting among themselves to identify the experiences, character traits, goals and objectives that are closest to them. They will use these items that they have identified and look towards creating an interactive medium. They will look for you on feedback to improve the interactive medium that they have created, to see if it's relevant to the learners or not. You will have to be familiar with the rapid growth of educational technology, these include platforms that will showcase the portfoliosPathbrite - An easy way of creating an E-Portfolio and placing your reflections and experiences - This is an easy portfolio builder that acts as a start up page to link you to your videos or images. It even provides a free email signature as wellWeebly -  Weebly is a drag and drop no frills web page builder. It is really easy and intuitive to use. A presentation of how to navigate and download Weebly for the smartphone is included.Wix - Wix is similar to Weebly, it is also a page builder for building up your own web page. Wordpress - Create a wordpress site that stores all the relevant information available on the site.It will also include interactive media that will be used to create different forms of videos, animations and images.Canva - Canva allows you to create images such as resumes and infographics that will present your learner's journey.Powtoons - Powtoons allows you to create animations that will highlight your experiences to your future employers
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