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This curriculum focuses on the implications of California's changing welfare policy on public child welfare practice and addresses welfare policy, child welfare practice, and the impact of welfare reform on child welfare clients who are also involved with the public welfare system. Chapters include: a summary of welfare reform in California, a look at the differences between the old approach to welfare and workfare (AFDC and GAIN) and the new approach under CalWORKS, a history of welfare and child protection policy, a look at families who have been involved with both the welfare and child protection systems, an analysis of interviews with child welfare workers and administrators that explores the myriad ways in which the new federal and state policies are likely to impact their clients and themselves as professionals, and the implications of welfare reform for child protection and child welfare practice. (318 pages)Frame, L., Berrick, J. D., Lee, S., Needell, B., Cuccaro-Alamin, S., Barth, R. P., et al. (1998).
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