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This is the third in a series of Hybrid NGSS Modules curated by the Oregon Science Project in 2017 using already created, research-based NGSS professional development resources. This module focuses on formative assessment and how it can help educators to make student thinking visible and also how to use student ideas and models for teaching in the NGSS classroom.  It builds on the work of the first two: Module #1 Phenomena & Equity, Module #2 Talk & Equity. (We in the Baker Cohort have broken down these Modules further. The Oregon Science Project has designed Module #3, and we have broken it down into Modules #6 & 7.)All Oregon Science Project Hybrid NGSS PD Modules are designed to be done together with other educators in real time either online or face-to-face. The Oregon Science Project utilizes the videoconferencing tools of Zoom to run small teams of K-12 educators through these modules online in real time. Some Oregon Science Project Learning Facilitators are able to meet with their teams in person and still use these modules on computers during face-to-face work.It was built using the OER Commons Module builder so it is broken into units as Tasks. Some are meant to be done individually, while others are designed for group dialogue and interaction. Dialogue in this case is used as way to build shared understanding. This is compared to discussion where a group is working on making a decision or choice. This difference is based upon the Adaptive School Work of Garmston and Wellman. You can read more about this in Chapter 4 of the Adaptive School: A Sourcebook for Developing Collaborative Groups. The design of the modules and overall framework is also informed by the research about professional development from A Facilitator's Guide to Online Professional Development: Establishing Communities of Learning and Cultures of Thinking by Carol Brooks Simoneau and Gerald Bailey.This module was developed based upon the assumption that all participants have completed Oregon Science Project Hybrid NGSS Modules #1- #5 and are studying the NGSS.Module #6 Components:Task #1 - What is formative assessment?Task #2 -  What are some high leverage practices for formative assessment in the NGSS classroom? 
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Oregon Science Project Hybrid Module #3: Formative Assessment for Equity
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