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Reading Foundation Skills
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Lesson Plan
Middle School
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    Tom´s daily routine


    start reading with my partners, learning new vocabulary.

    for students from A2 level of english 

    pre reading- vocabulary game

    the students will access to the Quizizz app 

    and insert this code :738550


    they will find 5 questions about vocabulary.

    the proporse of this game is determinate iof the students know some key words important for the following reading. 


    answer the questions and have fun!

    while reading

    to provide students help to comprehend the text. 

    read together

    the teacher projects tom´s daily routine and will ask the students to read out loud. 

    read alone

    the students will acess to this platform to read


    read together and read alone. 

    after reading

     the Teacher will ask students to organize them in pairs.


    The Teacher  will give students the instructions to answer the questions about the reading.

    in this step also the teacher ask their students to think about the class. 


    the students will share the answers and correct them.



    my daily routine

    the assigment for this class is to write "my  daily routine" , to search the next class with the classroom. 

    the students have to sign up in to  write online. 


    to write my daily routine, base on the tom´s one.