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  • Introcuction to Spanish
  • La Comida
  • conjugate
  • conjugating
  • erirverbs
  • present tense
  • present-tense
  • verbs
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    Conjugating -er/-ir verbs

    Conjugating -er/-ir verbs


    Comer y beber!  Eat and drink! In this seminar you will learn how to conjugate these verbs so you can be specific on who is eating and drinking.  You will also be able to include vocabulary of food words to be specific on what people are eating and drinking as well.

    ACTFL Standards

    • Communication: Interpersonal Communication, Presentational Communication

    • Connections: Making Connections

    • Comparisons: Language Comparisons

    Learning Target

    I can answer questions about what I am doing and what I did.

    Habits of Mind

    Striving for accuracy

    Critical Thinking Skill

    Construct Meaning


    Introductory warm-up activity.

    Now that you have learned MANY food and drink words- what do you do with food and drinks? DRINK AND EAT! These two verbs end in -er in Spanish.  In this seminar you will be working on conjugating these -er verbs along with other -er/-ir verbs to answer questions about what you do. Before we begin, let’s review the -ar verb conjugations?  What do you remember? What are the endings for -ar verbs?

    View the vocabulary terms here.


    Read and watch the resources to learn about this concept, then do the practice activity.




    Click here to read.

    This video lesson covers the regular -ER verbs in the present tense. If you haven't watched the videos on how to change -AR verbs, you might do that first as a reference point.

    Play the match game in this interactive to practice and learn the vocabulary terms you will need to understand for this Seminar.  Choose another study tool to practice also!

    Explore More

    • Practice conjugating all regular present tense (-ar/-er/-ir verbs) in a game of conjuguemos here..   

    • Learn more about tapas and what they are here


    Discuss your ideas / opinions / understandings.

    Based on what you learned in the Explore and Engage sections of this Seminar, answer the following prompt:

    • What do you find most difficult about conjugating verbs?

    • How do you think you can get over that obstacle?


    Now it is time to self-check how much you have learned about the this topic.  If you do not know as much as you thought, go back to the “Explore” section of this seminar and reread, rewatch, or redo the activities listed.  See your facilitator if you have questions.


    This is a task or project where you can show what you know.

    You will answer the following question in Spanish: ¿Como haces tu comida favorita?

    Think of your favorite food and create a quick 3-8 step recipe using the verbs from the list below and your food vocabulary list from this unit.  Include the sentence indicating the name of your favorite food and a picture of this food. Conjugate all the verbs in the tú form. You may also look up additional words to enhance your steps; however, the overall phrase must be written in your own words.

    Verbs to Choose From:

    • mezclar- to mix

    • calentar- to heat

    • hervir- to boil

    • sacar- to take out

    • poner- to put

    • cortar- to cut

    • cocinar- to cook

    • hacer- to make


    Mi comida favorita es yogurt parfait.

    1. Sacas el yogur de la refrigeradora.

    2. Cortas la fruta.

    3. Mezclas la fruta con el yogur.

    4. Sacas una cuchara

    5. Comes el yogurt parfait. ¡Que rico!

    Submit your assignment by uploading the image and submitting the text in a text submission.  You can also create a google doc and submit the shareable link.



    Complete this wrap-up activity where you reflect on your learning.

    1. Write a reflection essay answering the following questions:

    • Search an -er or -ir verb in Spanish you have not learned yet.  Using the conjugating rules you learned in this seminar, conjugate the new verb you find in all forms.  Was this easy to do? Why or why not?


    2. Post an Artifact.

    • Include an artifact(s) that contains specific experiences, readings, assignments, or discussions in this course that supports your point.

    • What did you learn by creating this artifact? Be specific.

    • How did this artifact and other course elements help you reach it? Be specific.