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  • Introduction to Spanish
  • Las Invitaciones
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  • present-tense
  • shoe verb
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  • stem changer
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    “Shoe” Verbs

    “Shoe” Verbs


    The verbs jugar, poder, tener, and querer are unique Spanish verbs.  They are called stem changers or "shoe verbs" because the unique changes that occur in the stem happen when conjugating for only certain subject pronouns.  While the endings are the same, the stem changes. Pay close attention in this seminar to the changes that occur with these verbs so you can use them to discuss hobbies, sports, and any other events you want to attend.

    • Communication: Interpersonal Communication and Presentational Communication

    • Connections: Making Connections

    • Comparisons: Language Comparisons

    Learning Target

    I can ask for and provide information about a hobby such as sports or other activities

    Habits of Mind

    Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision

    Critical Thinking Skill

    Analyzing Perspectives


    Introductory warm-up activity.

    To play! To want! To be able to! These are all important verbs when discussing hobbies and desires.  These verbs are very unique in Spanish. Check out these kids learning the boot verbs!

    Academic/Concept Vocabulary

    View the vocabulary terms here.


    Read and  watch the resources to learn about this concept, then do the practice activity.




    Click here to read.

    Present Tense - Jugar (to play)

    Use this interactive to practice and learn the vocabulary terms you will need to understand for this Seminar.
    Choose your study mode!

    Explore More

    • Read about the National Football League's attempt at professional football games in Mexico City here

    • Play conjuguemos and practice conjugating stem changing verbs here    


    Discuss your ideas / opinions / understandings.

    Based on what you learned in the Explore and Engage sections of this Seminar, answer the following prompt:

    • What is a popular hobby or activity people do in the United States?  What details would you share about this hobby or activity with people who are not from this country?



    Now it is time to self-check how much you have learned about the this topic.  If you do not know as much as you thought, go back to the “Explore” section of this seminar and reread, rewatch, or redo the activities listed.  See your facilitator if you have questions.


    This is a task or project where you can show what you know.

    Imagine you are on a missions trip in Costa Rica.  You meet some local families and they are curious to what life is like in the United States.  In the discussion board within this module you and your classmates discussed some common activities/hobbies kids your age do.  Select 1-2 of the hobbies/activities discussed and share this information or details about these hobbies/activities with them so they can learn more about your culture.  Using the stem changing verbs jugar, poder, or querer, write 5 sentences to describe the activities kids your ages do.  Make sure your sentences all keep the same subject form when conjugating verbs (ex. all yo form, all tú form, etc.).  Record your sentences and how you would say them to your new friends.  

    Example: Nosotras jugamos deportes después de la escuela.  A mis amigas y yo nos gusta el softball mucho. Es divertido.

    Click here to listen to the example.

    Upload your recording and submit your sentences in a text submission, in a word document, or in a shareable google doc link.


    Complete this wrap-up activity where you reflect on your learning.  

    1. Write a reflection essay answering the following questions:

    • Imagine you are a Spanish teacher and a student comes to you asking what is a "stem-changing verb"?  Provide a two sentence description, in English, of that is. Are you comfortable with explaining to others what stem changing verbs are or how to form them?  Why or why not?


    2. Post an Artifact.

    • Include an artifact(s) that contains specific experiences, readings, assignments, or discussions in this course that supports your point.

    • What did you learn by creating this artifact? Be specific.

    • How did this artifact and other course elements help you reach it? Be specific.