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Weekly Self-Assessments were used in a Basic Math class to increase student accountability. Each week students rated themselves as to how well they completed assignments. The hope was that students would come to their weekly student-teacher conferences prepared to discuss their self-assessments, progress in math, and prepared to set goals for the following week. Data was taken quarterly on passing rates and on participation in student scheduled student-teacher conferences. Passing rates improved from 86% in quarter 1 to 100% in quarters 2 and 3. Participation in self-scheduled student-teacher conferences increased from 76% in quarter 1, to 82% in quarter 2, to 92% in quarter 3. Teachers may use the Google Survey example to create your own: one that is customized to your class. You may make a copy of the Basic Math Weekly Self-Evaluation, change the name, and alter it to meet your needs. Making your own copy will give you access to your survey answers. 
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