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This is a pre assessment to a lesson on E-Cigarattes. My goal is two fold. First is to  find out what they already know and understand about e-cigaretts as well as their ability to evaluate media (the standards is about being able to evaluate healthcare products and services) This goal is challenging to assess with a short discussion but the article they use to support thier thinking will give me insiight on where I need to start.Learning Target/Objective:I can begin to evaluate products and services that may affect my health.Assignment Directions1. Please watch the videos below2. Post your reply to the questions belowWhat do the old time commercials tell you we use to think about smoking cigaretts?Do you think history will repeat itself with e-cigaretts? In other words, do you think we will eventually learn that E-Cigarettes/JUUL are more harmful then we know now?If you need more information avout e-cigaretts (vaping) I posted a second video below.Why or Why not?Your "why or why not" explanation should include at least 1 link to an article that supports your thinking.TEENS REACT TO CIGARETTE COMMERCIALS Smoking vs Vaping 
Health, Medicine and Nursing
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Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
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