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    Describing Food

    Describing Food


    You've just had a plate of food set in front of you and you dive right in.  What does it taste like?  The adjectives you use to describe food can tell someone what it tastes like and if they want to try it as well.  Adjectives like delicious and tasty will be learned in this seminar to describe a main dish or dessert.

    ACTFL Standards

    • Communication: Interpretive Communication, Interpersonal Communication

    • Cultures: Relating Cultural Products to Perspectives

    Learning Target

    I can understand basic information on food labels.

    Habits of Mind


    Critical Thinking Skill

    Applying past knowledge to new situations


    Introductory warm-up activity.

    You have learned to describe people, but what about food?  What types of adjectives do you use to describe food?  Think about it!  What comes to mind when you see this main dish?

    Academic/Concept Vocabulary


    Read and watch the resources to learn about this concept, then do the practice activity.




    Read about menu terms and food adjectives here.

    Read more about Spanish food and their taste in the Spanish Sabores blog here.

    Watch the video Handy Food Vocab 7 - Food Adjectives .

    • Be sure to take notes as you watch

    • Rewatch, rewind and pause as you need.

    Use this interactive to practice and learn the vocabulary terms you will need to understand for this Seminar. Choose your study mode!



    Discuss your ideas / opinions / understandings.

    Based on what you learned in the Explore and Engage sections of this Seminar, answer the following prompt: 

    • In this seminar you learned about describing food.  Think about how this vocabulary can help open “doors of opportunity”?


    Now it is time to self-check how much you have learned about this topic.  If you do not know as much as you thought, go back to the “Explore” section of this seminar and reread, rewatch, or redo the activities listed.  See your facilitator if you have questions.


    This is a task or project where you can show what you know.

    O Sendeiro is a popular restaurant in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.  Check out their website and menus here. Then answer the following questions below in complete sentences in Spanish.


    1. ¿Cual es un plato principal que sirven en el restaurante?

    2. ¿Cual es un postre que sirven en el restaurante?

    3. ¿La comida es rica o no?  ¿Porque?

    4.  Encuentra un restaurante en La Ciudad de México, México.  ¿Como se llama? ¿Cual es un plato principal? ¿Cual es el website?

    5. Encuentra un restaurante en Buenos Aires, Argentina.  ¿Como se llama? ¿Cual es un plato principal? ¿Cual es el website?



    Complete this wrap-up activity where you reflect on your learning.

    Write a reflection paragraph answering the following questions:

    • Think of the best food you have ever had. What is it?  How would you describe it in Spanish?  Think of the worst food you ever had.  What is it?  How would you describe it in Spanish?