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    Anatomy and Physiology Day 1

    Anatomy and Physiology  Day 1


    These activities are to be used on the first day of class to guage knowledge of the students and collect information about what students are interested in learning during the course.

    What do you want to learn?

    This activity is meant to collect information from the students. 

    -Describe education in anatomy and physiology. Ex)  Just Biology or maybe you have taken CNA classes.

    -What interests do you have that have put you in this elective class?

    -Is there anything specific you were hoping to learn?

    -Do you have a relative you works in the medical field and may be interested in presenting to the class? 

    Answer the questions in the Google form and move on to task #2

    Connecting body systems

    The activity will act as part or a reoccuring theme for the class.  Seeing how all the body systems work together.

    I want to see what kind of connections can be made before the class starts.

    In your group take a look at the image and see how may different conections you can make between the different body systems.

    Using a large sheet of paper

    List what systems you know the climber is using.

    What is the fuction of the body system?

    How are those body systems interdependent on each other as related to the rock climber.Rock Climber