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    Evaluating Resources Presentation


    This session is meant to engage participants in discussions around the evaluation of open educational resources (OER) and the practice of using rubrics to access OER. The participants will compare resources by content using rubrics to evaluate their effectiveness. 

    What is an OER?

    Use a live response service such as Menti or Poll Everywhere to display participant/student responses. Remix this resurce to include the link of your choosing.

    What one word would you use to describe OERs?

    What is an OER?

    OER Considerations

    Have students/participants answer the following questions are discussing slides 4 & 5 of the PPT. 


    A live response service could be used to display responses (Refer to task #1)

    What should be considered when selecting or creating OERs?

    Which of these considerations do you consider “deal-breakers”?

    Evaluation of OER

    Participants/students should be grouped by content. Allow time for the evaluation and scoring of the sample resources.

    Review and evaluate 2 resources using the  Achieve Rubric

    •Use the attached list of activity links, assigned by content, to access the resources.

    •Evaluate the resources with your table partners to determine the score.  (At times, a particular sub-rubric many not be applicable.)

    •Decide: Would you approve the resources for use?


    Use a live response service such as Menti or Poll Everywhere to display student responses. Remix this resurce to include the Live response service link of your choosing in the student content section.

    1. What differences were there between the evaluation process for the first resource and the second resource?     
    2. What were some of the main discussions that occurred at your table during the review process?
    3. If you were leading an evaluation/ writing team, what are some important “take-aways” from today’s evaluation activity?